Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vaca Destin 2013 Day six with one more to go....

We were up early and raring to go.  Got a great parking spot, which is a good sign on size of beach population.  Top the ridge, and of course, all you see are the chairs and umbrellas from the Sandestin Beach Resort.  Once we got past those $190 per week chair sets it was open territory for picking your spot.  Didn't take long for the beach to fill up after we got all set up.

I was constantly surprised by the beach bandit activity:
These suckers are constantly picking the beach clean.  They were even climbing into the beach bags and food sacks of the family in front of us.
Had the cutest little kid to the side of us, that just could not sit still.  He went from one thing to another with military precision.  He just cracked me up when he did this:
They call it "Kid in a Bucket" and can be found at the Surf Shop.  Just add water and sand.
Further down the beach I could see a lot of activity happening, so off I went to get this pic:
This is one of those floats you usually find in a lake setting.  These kids were having a blast.  This was a "yellow flag" day, so all was fairly safe.  No way this would be going on  a "red flag" day.
I looked up and the Para sail boats were in full swing:
Not sure if it was the red flag alert, or the fact that they had a runaway parachute in Panama City on Friday.  Two gals hit a condo and landed in a parking lot.  Both hospitalized with minor injuries.
The day started to heat up, and it had to be 5:00 somewhere, so time for Rita!
There is nothing more refreshing that a slushy frozen margarita on the beach on a hot sunny day!  And of course, you have to have a fancy cup holder:
This thing is awesome!  holds cups, beer cans, keys, phones, etc....This was my Internet find this past spring.  Can I shop, or what?!  Or, if you know my friend Tammy Angelo.  She can sell the horns off a billy goat.  She has them as one of her specialty advertising items. You can reach her at her email address .
Two young gals settled in right in front of us.  Before long we struck up a conversation about the cup holder, which they has two of.  They were from California, and have fallen in love with the Florida white sand.  We ended up sharing more than conversation and the sugar white sands.  They ran outta beer, and I offered them a Rita!
Before they left, they wanted to know if we would be back tomorrow.  Yep, same time, same spot, same tent, we would be here.  Ran into them again at the swimming pool later in the day.  Said between the sun and the margaritas they were whooped.  They again wanted to be sure they we would be there with the Ritas.  Oh yeah baby!
I've been sitting in the sun for several days now, and I have begun to wonder: Do all these silicone implants on this beach have a sensor built into.them to tell these ladies when they are about to boil?
I then look up and see this sun worshipper of a woman standing with a group of men.
That gal was throwing down tall boy PBR's!  Best she could give the fellers in my neighborhood a run for their money on a good weekend!
I'm continually scanning the beach for something interesting. I look up, see this middle aged feller stop in an open spot on the beach.  Then he does it.  Ya just gotta love the sound of a man whistling to his spousal unit that he has found the perfect spot on the beach. Followed by the picture of the spousal arriving at the designated spot, looking like an exhausted pack mule, with 2 kids in tow!

By now lots of beach goers have come and gone. Two young couples settle in the spot in front of us.  I immediately notice the lead honey toting a full bag of "red cups".  My experience with those thangs tell me they are nuthing  but trouble!  They get all settled in and that ole lead gal begins to make the group a red cup party drink.  I recognize the mixer to be ginger ale, but I'm not too sure of the clear liquid being added.  Curiosity got the best of me so I asked.  EVERCLEAR!  Oh I had to have a picture of that:
I told them that with was the "before" pic, and they would have to sent me the "after" pic if any one of them was still standing at the end of the day!  They agreed, we will see!  Good kids from Ohio, if their parents only knew.....
Went by the pool to cool off, then readied ourselves for a seafood treat at the Crabtrap.  So many places to choose from!
On the way back to the Condo we made two stops, so we could "start it all over again..."
Sure hope those two California girls show up,  Ritas are ready!

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